The Tubal C system is designed to be easily and quickly adaptable to suit any retail need. Whether you’re a high-end fashion retailer, a sports shop, or a pet store, and whether you’re a small independent retailer or a large corporate chain, the Tubal C system can adapt to your needs. While the Posts are always required, everything else in the Bays is entirely up to you, so if you need shelving, or if you prefer hanging space, or a bit of both, those decisions are completely in your hands. Design a store that suits your needs and that suits your budget!

How Does It Work?

The system consists of a series of upright steel Posts spaced to create 1.2m or 0.6m ‘Bays’. Each Tubal C Post includes a row of our famous wedge-shaped cutouts on both sides, into which a variety of standard display components easily and quickly clip in and out via a matching plastic wedge-shaped linkage.